It is a common misconception among aspiring business owners to insist on doing what they are passionate at rather than what they are good at. What exactly is the difference? Passion depicts strong emotions reflecting an intense desire or boundless enthusiasm about something, while being good at something simply means expertise.

It should be understood that the primary essence of any business venture is profit making. However, profit making is not automatic, it requires an exchange of something of value for something of equal value; it involves problem solving and addressing the needs of your clients among others. To do any of that, you need proficiency and be good at what you do. Passion alone cannot solve problems; it cannot address the business challenges of your clients and cannot bridge the need gap of your clients.

Whereas, being passionate is a positive attitude which must be encouraged, that alone is not enough. All clients have issues that need to be addressed, they have business challenges that require solution, they have struggling businesses that requires professional insight for growth and productivity; they want to improve their ways of doing business which requires expertise and most importantly they want to succeed in their business endeavors which need the sharp mind of a business management consultant.

Therefore, in starting your dream business, ask yourself the most pertinent questions, what solution is my products or services going to provide and do I have the capacity? How much do you know about the proposed business and whether what you know is enough to sustain the business? What are the skills required to run such a business venture and whether you possess those skills? Positive response to all the above questions placed you within the precinct of an expert who is good at what he intends to do.

Note that, a successful business venture requires the combination of passion and expertise. The duo are necessary ingredients for an efficacious business management. However, when there is the need to start your dream business and there is a conflict of choice between what you are passionate and good at, do not hesitate to choose what you are good at.

Abdulkareem Azeez
FIS President & Director of Studies



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