Whereas, it takes financial discipline to save, perseverance is required to invest. What then is the difference? Saving is setting aside certain percentage of your earnings or income for safe keeping. This can be done by keeping the money at home, but most people do have a savings account with their preferred bank where such money is kept. From an average person point of view, this sounds like a smart move, because it prevents reckless spending, provide a financial backup and easy access to the account anytime the owner feels like using it. The danger and bitter truth about saving is that, with the advancement of technology and mobile banking application, though the money is in the bank, it is as good as you are keeping it in your pocket. With a click of a button, you can access the fund anytime, anywhere. Not only that, each transaction you perform attracts certain charges which shall be deducted by the bank from your account. Therefore, from a financial management perspective, saving is simply taking your money to the bank, filled several forms to open an account, get one or two friends or family members to fill the guarantor’s form on your behalf, depending on the bank, you pay some amount for opening the account as the minimum balance, deposit your money with them and most importantly, pay them in form of charges each time you need to use your money!!!

Investment on the other hand is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in future or will later be sold at a higher price for a profit. This can be land, gold, or any commodity bought at a cheaper price and sold when the price appreciated. In a simple language, investment is allowing your money to work for you in order to generate more money instead of keeping it in the bank. You can also invest by giving your money to a trusted financial management expert to trade on your behalf for an agreed period, after which you will receive the investment capital in addition to the profit in form of RoI (Return on Investment).

The question now is, what is the six by six formula and how can you use it as an investment strategy? This formula is designed by Firdaous Integrated Services Limited to provide guidance to millions of people who are finding it difficult to invest. The six by six formula presupposes that the year should be divided into two: from January to June and July to December. Then, ‘a would-be investor’ should first cultivate a saving’s culture then use the savings to invest. For instance, if you save a minimum of twenty-five dollars per month for the first six month, that would be one hundred and fifty dollars. This money should be withdrawn and invested in a business with high return on investment. Then, the savings should continue for the second half of the year, and by December, it should be withdrawn and invested. If the circle continues for the next three years, it means our ‘would-be’ investor has six different stream of investment portfolios worth nine hundred dollars!!! Each investment portfolio will be generating profit daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. This is a smart way for wealth creation. Adopting the six by six formula will assist and provide you with a financial secured future which is the dream of everyone. As a business management firm, we can recommend genuine investment options for you with a minimum investment capital of one hundred and twenty dollars. At the end of every twenty-five working days, you will be entitled to twenty percent return on investment. In case, you are interested, feel free to contact us. Remember, saving to invest and investing in a more lucrative business as recommended by an expert is the only sure way to financial freedom. Start investing today, because, tomorrow might be too late.

Abdulkareem Azeez
FIS President & Director of Studies

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